Portal Inc.
Yesterday & Tomorrow


  • Started March 10, 1965 in Knellsville by the Ozaukee County Arc, family members and other concerned citizens - Celebrating our 50th year of service this past March 10!
  • Moved to Saukville at the end of 1965
  • Became known as “the Portal Programs, Inc.” in 1970
  • Moved to present location in Grafton in April, 1974
  • Name changed to Portal Industries, Inc.  in March, 1982
  • Supported Employment Program started in 1989
  • Remodeled and expanded present building in 1990
  • Changed agency name and identity (logo) in 2009 – Portal, Inc.
  • Community employment became the primary and encouraged service option in 2008


Our strategic direction guides us in four areas for the coming years allowing us to strive for:

  • Growth and Financial Autonomy

Manage the human and financial resources and service infrastructure to sustain the agency and innovatively grow services.

  • Employment and Community Lifestyle

Maximize services in the areas of employment, community life experiences and other opportunities that improve learning, quality of life, social engagement and self-sufficiency.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Social Entrepreneurship

Create a more diverse revenue stream by encouraging and developing business opportunities. Continue to foster relationships that build greater expertise, financial and social support and encourage innovation.



  • Excellence in Leadership and Customer Service/Relations

Be a leader in the efficient and effective delivery of services that customers, businesses and the community recognize and value.