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People First Language

People with disabilities constitute our nation’s largest minority. This largest minority group is the only one which any of us can become part of, at any time.

People First Language respectfully puts the person before the disability; and a person with a disability is more like people without disabilities than different.

Say... Instead of...
People with disabilities.  The handicapped or disabled.

He has a cognitive disability. He’s mentally retarded.

She has autism.   She’s autistic.

He has Down syndrome.       He’s Down’s; a mongoloid.

He has a physical disability.  He’s a quadriplegic/is crippled.

She uses a wheelchair/mobility chair.  She’s confined to/is wheelchair bound.

Accessible parking, hotel room, etc.  Handicapped parking, hotel room, etc.


"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug."
~ Mark Twain