Portal Inc.
Guiding Principles
  • We see all people first as individuals to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • We encourage all people to explore every possibility as a way to discover their full potential.

  • We are dedicated to promoting individual growth and responsibility.

  • We believe all people have strengths, abilities and capacities to contribute to their community as employees, citizens and consumers.

  • We believe that employment opportunities in fully integrated work settings are to be a priority and on-going consideration for individuals who choose to work.

  • We will not do anything that makes a person look or feel incompetent.

  • We recognize that all people have a responsibility to express their needs with the security of knowing they will be heard. We will advocate for those who cannot communicate on their own.

  • We are committed to hire and develop professional staff who are dedicated to encouraging individuals to reach beyond the expected.

  • We work in partnership to build stronger, more inclusive communities, creating and sustaining connections which bring people together.

  • We are committed to assisting people to discover their personal outcomes important to them, and then designing supports and services to help achieve those outcomes.



Title VI Plan